Renova CBD Oil 5% (10 ml)

Renova CBD aliejus 5% (10 ml)


Renova CBD Oil 5% (10 ml)


  •  Skonis: Natūralus
  •  Prekės ženklas: Renova
  •  Kiekis: 10ml
  •  Procentas CBD: 5%
  •  CBD: 500mg BĮK
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    Renova CBD oil 5% (10 ml), Renova understands how difficult it can be to find and select a reliable, safe and effective CBD oil that suits your needs. That is why they see it as their mission to provide customers with CBD products of the highest possible quality.

    Renova užsibrėžia atskirai nuo visų kitų CBD prekės ženklus, naudojant unikalią formulę, kuri neabejotinai paliks jums baimėje.

    Renova CBD naftos trumpai

    •  Contains 5% CBD
    •  Total of 500 mg CBD
    •  225 lašus į 10 ml
    •  Perfect for first-time users
    •  Extremely versatile

    Manufactured according to the latest proven technologies

    Renova’s CBD capsules are produced in Colorado according to the latest proven technologies. Renova works with the best chemists, product developers and other scientists in the business to ensure that they offer only the best products and service to their customers. Colorado’s CBD industry is one of the largest in the country, and you can buy CBD oil and other CBD-infused products legally in this particular state.

    Renova takes pride in offering premium CBD products. Their cutting-edge equipment and highly skilled professionals allow the dedicated professionals at Renova to develop safe, reliable, and effective products.

    Renova CBD oil contains 0.0% THC

    Renova is the only CBD brand in the world whose products contain 0.0% THC. Other manufacturers’ products often do contain trace amounts of THC. Because these capsules contain absolutely no THC, it is impossible that ingesting them will produce any psychoactive effects. Renova’s products will never cause you to fail a drug test and are easy to take with you on the go. This product is also an excellent alternative to CBD oil and great for people who enjoy traveling.

    Organically grown plants with a high CBD content

    Renova only uses organically grown non-GMO hemp plants that are naturally rich in CBD and low in THC. All THC is removed during the extraction. All other cannabinoids and terpenes are fully preserved, yielding a full-spectrum CBD oil. Renova’s CBD oil contains no heavy metals, solvents or pesticides, so you don’t have to worry about ingesting any harmful chemical substances.

    Rigorous and transparent quality control procedures

    Each stage of the production process – from harvest to extraction and beyond – is carefully monitored, and independent laboratory testing is a critical and integral part of the product development and design process. Their quality reports are freely accessible to the public.
    Finally, all products must meet the strict legal requirements of the US state of Colorado, the federal government of the United States, and the Dutch government. Thus, all products undergo extensive testing to ensure that they are safe, reliable, and effective.

    Renova in a nutshell:

    •  Grown and produced in Colorado (United States) using the latest, innovative scientific techniques.
    •  Tik CBD aliejus, Nyderlanduose, kad yra THC visiškai nemokamai.
    •  Pilnas spektras: visos kanapės ir terpenų buvo išsaugotas.
    •  Pagamintas iš genetiškai ir CBD-turtingas kanapių.
    •  Augalai auginami optimaliomis oro sąlygomis, su pagalba iš aukščiausios mityba.
    •  Laisvas nuo tirpiklių, sunkiųjų metalų ir pesticidų.
    •  Visi gaminiai yra išbandyti plačiai grynumas ir stiprumas ir pagaminti tikslią specifikacijas, siekiant užtikrinti nuoseklumą, skonis ir spalva.

    Turinys ir dozavimas:

    This bottle contains 10 ml of CBD oil or approximately 225 drops. The oil is easy to consume: simply drop the desired amount of oil under your tongue and let it sit there for about 30 seconds before washing it down with a large glass of water. There is no one-size-fits-all CBD product, which means there’s no universal dosage. Always start low and go slow.

    Papildoma informacija


    1x 10ml @ €200, 2x 10ml @ €360, 3x 10ml @ €520


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