The THC Levels Of Common Marijuana Strains


The THC Levels Of Common Marijuana Strains

The THC Levels Of Common Marijuana Strains

Common THC Levels of Marijuana strains

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid that is responsible for the “high” you feel when intaking marijuana products. When people say that a particular strain of weed is “strong”, it’s likely that they are implying that strain has a high THC count/level.

When measuring marijuana strains for the highest THC content it is important to know that just because a strain is tested at a certain level, that doesn’t mean all buds that come off of that plant are the same level of THC. The measuring is not an exact science, as a plant in a different pH environment can have a different THC level.

There are many different factors that go into growing marijuana. The THC, CBD, THCV, CBN, and CBG levels can all vary because of these different growth factors. Along with new strains popping up constantly, we can only use what we know about the genetics of the strains we have tested to gauge what a certain strain’s cannabinoids are generally measured at.

The two most well known compounds in marijuana are THC and CBD. These are what people are most interested in, and while the others are present in certain marijuana strains, they are much less present than either THC or CBD. Strains with either high THC or CBD levels have effects that may be beneficial for the following symptoms: reducing nausea, increasing appetite, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and improving muscle control problems

When assessing which marijuana strain has the highest levels of THC (and CBD) we have broken it down into three groups of cannabis: sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Keep in mind that there is a debate among smokers about whether sativa and indica strains are different from each other. People argue that they feel the same smoking sativas and indicas. However, some people who have made smoking weed their lifestyle swear there is a difference. We’ll leave this up for you to decide.

Strains That Have a High THC Content

Generally, sativas have higher levels of THC and lower levels of CBD. This means they tend to produce a stimulating or invigorating effect, making them better for daytime use. Most sativas are smoked to fight narcolepsy, engage creativity, and boost mood. These are the strains of sativa that have the highest THC content:

Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue by Exotic Genetix is a flavorful and zesty cross of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream. This combo emits a variety of aromas, from citrus to diesel to nuttiness. Lemon Meringue also offers uplifting mental effects. This sativa strain is around 20 percent THC. It is considered to have a mood boosting effect. People tend to use it for stress, depression, anxiety, mild headaches and fatigue. Users of this strain often report feeling happy, uplifted, energetic, and some also say it boosts creativity! (This strain has around 2 percent CBD.) Mmmm, Lemons.

Allen Wrench

Allen Wrench is a highly sought-after strain of weed because of its medicinal qualities. This is mostly a sativa, meaning that people feel active and euphoric after using. Users often report that this strain does not have intense “body effect” sensations. So if you’re looking to be active, this is the perfect strain. Allen Wrench’s CBD content along with its high THC percentage (20%) makes it an effective medication for eliminating pain throughout the body. Its above average THCV percentage is also useful for helping patients cope with headache pain. Son, hand me the wrench. The Allen Wrench.

Hawaiian Gold

Hawaiian Gold is reportedly the strain of choice for those looking to feel happy and relaxed, much like when you’re on a vacation, let’s say to Hawaii. With 22 percent THC, frequent users of this strain report feeling equally relaxed and uplifted. Similar to other high THC content sativa-strains, people use Hawaiian Gold in an attempt to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as depression, pain, and fatigue. Feelings associated with this strain include happiness, creativity, relaxation, energy, and a sense of euphoria. Aloha to this Au element!

Silver Haze

Silver Haze packs a lot of punch at a 23 percent THC level. Incidentally, this strain gets its name from the copious amount of glistening THC glands that cover the fruit or “buds”. People use Silver Haze for stress, anxiety, depression, poor appetite, or pain. User reviews say it produces feelings of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation. You know what they say, with every cloud there’s a silver (hazy) lining!

Fire OG

Fire OG is known for being one of the strongest OG strains on the market. At 20 percent THC this potent indica dominant strain is a great way to reverse a person’s chronic depression. Fire OG can also be used to stimulate hunger for those who have trouble trying to muster up an appetite. Fire OG’s indica genetics and high THC content do an excellent job of making people want to eat and giving them a great mood boosting feel! This weed is FIRE. Literally.

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush started out as a clone strain in Los Angeles. At 21 percent THC it’s associated with major relaxation and pain relief. Because of its indica qualities it has a tendency to put people to sleep, which is why people often seek it out to treat their insomnia. Users report that it can help with stress, anxiety, and depression. According to more reviews, you can expect to feel relaxed, sedated, happy, euphoric, and hungry. Do you think Ashton Kusher smokes Kosher Kush?

Triangle Kush

This strain has an average THC level of 23 percent. It seems to be a favorite for the creative types. Artists around the states have raved about this strain for boosting creativity. People also seek it out to relieve either chronic pain, stress, or depression. Users report feeling especially creative, euphoric, and chilled out after they smoke Triangle Kush. Who knew geometry could be this fun?

Green Crack

Green Crack is exactly what it sounds like. After people use this strain they report feeling euphoric, making it ideal for those looking to combat depression or even PTSD. Green Crack’s sativa genetics lead to energizing people to the exact level they need. With 17 percent THC this is a great way to start your day. I do so like Green Crack and lamb, I do so like it Sam-I-am!


Kryptonite is an indica dominant hybrid that people mostly rely on to regain an appetite. This creation was a combination of Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen and has the proper amount of THC (17 percent) and CBN to encourage people to eat. The lack of CBD and THCV is important to note, because those cannabinoids induce the opposite effect and suppress appetite. The more you know! Is this the Kryptonite Superman was allergic to?


G-13 is one of the most powerful strains you will find on the market today. Clocking in at close to 24 percent THC this highly potent, pure indica is used to treat depression and PTSD. The above average THCV content explains why the effects of this potent strain come on so quickly. It is not uncommon for people to refer to G-13 as a “heavy-hitter” for this exact reason. For those who have a high THC threshold, G-13 is a great antidepressant, especially for nighttime use. Fly like a G-6. Times two. Plus one. (Epic joke alert!)

White Tahoe Cookies

Another indica dominant strain, this type of cannabis clocks in at a whoping 23 percent THC. There are even a couple of rumors (cue Fleetwood Mac)  flying around that some dispensaries have had a THC level as high as 30 percent! People use this for pain, inflammation, stress, and insomnia. Word around user forums is that it also has a mild aphrodisiac effect and can make you feel relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, and in the mood. Girl Scouts beware, these cookie sales might outdo you!

Banana OG

Yet another indica dominant hybrid, Banana OG sits at 23 percent THC. It’s often referred to as a “creeper” because you don’t think you are very high until you are hit with intense munchies and sleepiness. People use it for muscle pain, poor appetite, and insomnia. Its other reported effects include relaxation, euphoria, and hunger. Monkeys are right to like bananas as much as they do!

Lemon Kush

Yes there was another Lemon type of marijuana on this list. But this is a 50/50 hybrid that averages around 22 percent THC. People mostly use it for relaxation, feeling euphoric, and boosting appetite. Other people reported the effects of increased creativity, happiness, stress relief, and hunger. You know you can always double up on Lemon AND Lemon Meringue right?

Gorilla Glue

Another 50/50 hybrid, Gorilla Glue, which is often called GG (for legal reasons, obviously) sits at a beautiful 23 percent THC level. This potent strain is known for its cerebral and physical effects that quickly surface and generally last longer than other strains! It’s used mostly for its relaxing effects that leave one lethargic, which is helpful for stress relief and insomnia. People also use it for pain, which includes menstrual cramps! Gotta go get Gorilla Glue! GO GO GO!!

Bruce Banner

This green guy has a staggering 23 percent THC. The hybrid hits strong and fast, eventually settling creating a state of euphoric heightened creativity. That’s a sentence I don’t get to say every day. According to users it can help to  relieve stress, depression, and pain. If you think this guy is crazy, wait until someone creates the Hulk strain!

Helping Hand

If you’re going to use cannabis, especially strains with high THC levels, we have a couple of recommendations when using. It is important to start off with a lower THC strain and gradually work your way up to avoid any unwanted feelings of paranoia, confusion, or scared feelings. Once you understand how much THC your brain can handle, stay with what feels comfortable! Don’t drive after using cannabis, as this can impair your reflexes and cause accidents. If you need to get somewhere, get an Uber!

Legality of Marijuana

Though many states have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, it still isn’t legal everywhere. This means it is still considered illegal under federal law, so make sure you know the laws of the state you are in. Before you attempt to purchase or use marijuana, just do a quick fact check to avoid facing legal consequences. Check the local law if you’re not in the United States, as laws may be different.


Strains of marijuana with high THC are generally the more potent products you will find. While these can be extremely useful for treating a lot of health conditions, these strains also can have strong psychological effects. Therefore, if you’re new to marijuana, you might want to consider starting with strains that don’t offer a crazy amount of THC in them, until you can work your way up!

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