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Buy Moonwalker Kush Online,Moonwalker Kush is a hybrid with a balanced taste and well-rounded effects, making it a great middle-of-the-road strain for cannabis novices and veterans alike. Although its effects lean toward the lazy Indica end of the spectrum, it can also provide creativity and motivation under the right circumstances. This strain is a cross between 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup winner Triple OG (aka XXX OG) and Alien Genetics’ signature hybrid Tahoe Alien.

Moonwalker Kush is distinguished by medium-sized nuggets. The flowers maintain a dense and heavy Indica bud structure, with tightly packed leaves and trichomes inside and out. Leaves are an earthy shade of olive green, offset by rust-coloured hairs (which are actually pistils, intended to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants). The dusting of resinous trichomes makes this a sticky flower that’s difficult to break up without the use of a grinder. Moonwalker Kush’s primary aroma is dank, much like wet earth and leaves. There are also some notes of hash and black pepper. Breaking open the buds gives off a somewhat unpleasant musk that some experienced smokers might find similar to Cheese strains. When burnt, Moonwalker Kush creates a harsh, acrid smoke that may sting the sinuses and induce coughing. On the exhale, users may detect a spicy lingering aftertaste.

A bit of a creeper, Moonwalker Kush has effects that mount slowly, eventually hitting users with a tingle that begins in the head and moves throughout the body. There is an initial sense of disorientation — senses may feel sharper and users can perceive sights and sounds more intensely than before. Once settled in, however, smokers can enjoy a rambling free association of thoughts. Such cerebral stimulation easily lends itself to creative work or to friendly conversation. Moonwalker Kush comes with some physical effects as well: as the high progresses or as higher dosages are consumed, users will feel this strain’s OG Kush influence in a wave of relaxation. Heavy, numb limbs may provoke the feeling of melting into one’s surroundings, eventually leading to intractable couchlock.

These far-reaching recreational effects have medical uses as well. Moonwalker Kush can be an effective analgesic for anything from sore muscles to nerve-related pain conditions. It can relieve headaches and migraines and may even have the ability to suppress seizures and spasms. Its unique elevation of both body and mind can mitigate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress, helping patients to appreciate their surroundings and to live “in the moment.” This strain’s sustained sense of focus can also be beneficial to those with attention deficit disorders. In large amounts, Moonwalker Kush brings on sleep, crushing stubborn cases of insomnia. Finally, because its cerebral effects are grounded by a potent body stone, this variety comes with a lessened risk of episodic paranoia.

A recent crossbreed, Moonwalker Kush may be difficult to find outside of the Pacific Northwest. Packaged seeds have not yet been released for sale and clones may be similarly hard to come by. As a result, we have limited information on cultivating this strain. As with any cannabis strain, though, it can be successfully cultivated in controlled indoor conditions or in outdoor operations with semi-humid climates in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range.

Although it’s a balanced strain, Moonwalker Kush’s Indica leanings make it more suited to night-time than to morning or afternoon use. Its coveted equilibrium between thoughtfulness and physical stimulation make it a great choice for activities that involve both the body and brain — including, but not limited to, eating, exercise, and sex. In the right set and setting, Moonwalker Kush may even inspire smokers to teach themselves how to moonwalk.

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Customer Reviews


Customer Reviews

PUFF PUFF 09/28/2020

I've asked questions and they were happy to respond to all of them. My package arrived at my doorstep and when I finished opening the parcel, the smell of the flowers were amazing.I have not tried the product yet, but the service provided thus far were exceptional. Thank you.

DG PAMA 09/28/2020

Very surprised! I thought this is a shot in the dark ordering online, so wasn't sure how the transaction would go. Pleasantly surprised at how smooth the whole process was! This business are very professional and efficient. Would most definitely use them again and have no issue recommending them to others. Definitely 5 stars.

Ashok Mahapatro 08/26/2020

i had it for the 1st time from you guys…
i had it for the 1st time from you guys and it was a nice experience. Although i was willing to buy hash. So, next time i will try hash from you guys for sure. Cheers.

Mr Bill Prior 08/23/2020

good company to deal with top grade…
good company to deal with top grade goods if they say you will get your order tomorrow thats when you get it

sandra wilma 20/08/2020

Prices cant be beat elsewhere. Great product for a great price. Thank you so much. Now I can afford to use cbd products!

leo piko 20/08/2020

I am very satisfied with my purchase .It came very fast.The cbd bud was very sooth .

Happy and I Know It 18/08/2020

I am so happy that I switched from Tweedle Farms. Way more affordable and shipping is super fast!

Lavard 18/082020

If you’re thinking twice about ordering from here don’t even! The prices are unbeatable and for anyone saying the buds are dry just throw them on a towel on the counter and then run the shower for about 15-20 mins as hot as it can get and close the doors, this does the trick every time and makes the bud burn a lot slower(had to do this with AC diesel). Favorite strain so far has to be Casino Cookies or Paradise og they are identical to the real thing!

wilo 17/08/2020

They really have stepped up their game. They now throw in a 2 way humidity control Boveda pack in the bag. Keeps the flower fresh! Hope they keep using the Boveda packs going forward.

Bre Thomas 15/08/2020

First time trying CBD ANYTHING! I’m quite impressed...good quantity, quality & customer service was on point!
Thank you!✨🍃💚