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Better known as Tutankhamon, King Tut the marijuana strain pays homage to the powerful Pharaoh Tutankhamun, one of the youngest and certainly the most famous of Egypt’s early rulers. King Tut the strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio of 80:20) with an uncertain parentage, though it’s known to descend from the legendary sativa-dominant AK-47. THC levels are rumored to be quite high, though King Tut’s rarity makes it hard to know for sure. CBD levels, on the other hand, aren’t widely reported; that means this strain generally shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for epilepsy or other conditions that respond to CBD. The high is cerebral and peppy, making this a good choice for daytime errands, social events, or creative endeavors. Use this strain to treat depression, chronic pain, stress, inflammation, and nausea. King Tut tastes like fresh fruit and flowers and has a sour, Skunky smell. There are few public reports of negative effects, but bloodshot eyes and dry mouth should probably be expected, along with possible paranoia. King Tut is most popular in Michigan, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest.

Helps with
Chronic Pain, Headaches, Insomnia ,Nausea

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    Marijuana for sale online uk The Strain

    Marijuana for sale online uk, Buy King Tut kush ,King Tut also known as Tutankhamon, is an exquisite sativa strain that was originally bred and conceived by the talented team from Pyramid Seeds. It wasn’t until the Canadian based breeders, Canuk Seeds came out with their own cut or variant of Tutankhamon that it became a flower that was truly worthy of royalty. They crossed together their own trendy feminized AK-47 with a unique Ruderalis strain with Colombian, Mexican and Thai ancestry to create a sativa flower that is almost as recognizable as the ancient Egyptian pharoah himself. King Tut is infamous and highly cherished for its notably high THC levels that range from 25% up to as high as 33%! Lab reports show normal CBD levels of less than 1%, which is normal for most cannabis strains that are not CBD specific. After much trial and error, and many failed cuts, Canuk Seeds was able to create a variant of King Tut that retained the beloved sour and skunky aroma of both its parent strains. The bag appeal of this sativa is nearly unbelievable, with its fluffy fluorescent buds and generous amounts of cake or THC crystals. Flavour and smell-wise, King Tut is described as fruity and earthy, with notes of tart citrus, sharp pine and a mellow, pungent skunky undertone.


    As a sativa strain, much can be expected from King Tut by Canuk Seeds. What may surprise many about this sativa strain is its’ staggering THC levels. On the surface level, it’s clear to the naked eye that there are an abundance of THC trichomes blanketing the buds. But to be specific, the exact THC concentrations of Tutankhamon range from 25% to as high as 33% on average. Although these numbers are shockingly high, this upbeat sativa will not derail your day or keep you couch-locked. This is a good addition to your rotation if you’re seeking a strain to get your day started. Just like a fresh cup or coffee, or a wholesome, hearty breakfast, King Tut can provide you with that additional boost of energy that you need to face and conquer your daily tasks. The characteristic high of Tutankhamon is described as being upbeat, mentally uplifting and spiritually invigorating. It’s a great strain for getting errands done, social gatherings and is effective when dealing with stress, depression and anxiety.

    Appearance & Aroma
    Not only is King Tut known for its happy, uplifting qualities, its known as a visually remarkable sativa strain with very impressive bag appeal. Its fluffy, cone-shaped buds are a fluorescent pine green with subtle hues of purple and lavender blue. What makes Tutankhamon so visually appealing might be the insane, almost unfathomable amount of bright THC trichomes that are visible to the naked eye. Thick layers of resinous THC crystals blanket the entirety of each and every bud, contrasting with the colourful green and purple tones to create a true masterpiece. Throw this one in the buster – it’s a real sticky one so don’t get too carried away with grabbing the nugs. The unique terpene profile of King Tut is quite the treat. Canuk Seeds was able to retain the pungent, skunky flavours of AK-47 and the sweet, fruity notes of the unique Ruderalis genetics to create a distinct, palettable flavour and aroma.

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